Tokyo James proposes a conversation in Luxury design that depicts modern fashion scope in the world. Founded by Iniye Tokyo James in 2015 , he studied Mathematics at Queen Mary University of London whilst he worked as a Creative Director / Stylist  within the Creative Sector.

The label is informed by broad cultural Documentation of the human behavior and interaction taken notions from the frequent intersectionality of indentities and embrace a multiplicity of diciplines.

Established as a menswear brand, Tokyo James bold tailoring soon expanded to womenswear. Iniye Tokyo James has been Nominated for many awards including as a finalist for the numerous awards include the LVMH Young Designer Prize (2021), the Fashion Trust Aribia ( 2023 ). Tokyo James has collaborated with brands including LVMH 24s, Martell & Budweiser.
Stockists include Dover Street Market New York, Dovrr Street Market LA, H – Lorenzo, Seness, Opener South Korea, 24s, Elrado to name a few.

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